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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Review: Korres Mineral Fondation

Happy New Year's Eve!
I can't believe it is the last day of 2011. Wow...It was an amazing year to me. Lots of things happend to me and God led me through all those harsh times and so as wonderful times.
I know pretty much everyone is going out tonight for countdown and parties, but I am going to the church to celebrate the New Year's Day and also have time to look back 2011.
Hope you guys have a wonderful time today :)

Alrighty, then let's get started on the reivew!
Today, I'm going to post a review on Korres Mineral Foundation.
This is my sister's but I use it sometimes when I feel lazy to put all the makeup; especially nowadays since I have been just resting at home and see the doctors.

Here are the pictures!

The model number is #2 Fairly Light.
It is Wild Rose mineral foundation with SPF 30. 
My sister's skin tone is slightly darker than mine so it is a bit dark for me.
However, the foundation itself looks very natural on skin.
This was my first time trying power type mineral foundation so I had quite a hard time applying onto the skin since I had no idea how to disperse the powder nicely onto the skin with a brush.
If you are not used to powder foundation then you should calm down first and be gentle with your brush or sponge. Because if you do not disperse it well then your skin tone will look uneven.

Coverage & Duration: It covers really well. You will see the difference in the pictures below. I took those pictures after 8~9hours of applying. It definitely stays for a long time looking fresh.

(Before & After Pictures)

As you can see in the pictures, it covered up the redness and a few freckles on my face.
It looks very natural on skin so it would be a perfect solution for those days when you are not doing anything special. I went to see my doctor yesterday and this mineral foundation was everything I put on. 

It would be really good for sensitive skin as well since my sister finds it okay and is not having any troubles.
Also dry skin is fine to use this! I only put compact powder on T-zone since that is where I find it oily than other areas. If I put the compact powder on whole face then I would not survive throughout the day. 
However, this powder mineral foundation didn't cause me any suffering from dehydration which is pretty amazing for my skin type.

(It is a bit yellow on me due to the owner's skin tone.) 

After all, I am satisfied with Korres Mineral Foundation.
It satisfied me on coverage, durability, and hydration parts!
I am giving you 4 out or 5 stars (just because I am not sure how it will look with full makeup and the durability afterwards.)

Happy New Year everyone :)
Have a lovely day!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Beauty Diary New Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask!

My Beauty Diary masks are my favorite mask sheets ever! I tried so many Korean brands sheet masks but they are not good as this brand. 
My Beauty Diary has four new lines, Earl Grey Tea & Macaron, Royal Jelly, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing, and Chocolate Truffle masks. You could purchase these online like E-bay or sasa.com and also at Asian market like T&T or Aberdeen. (I live in Vancouver by the way. Aberdeen is in Richmond, Vancouver.) 
This is made in. The masks supply a great amount of essence to your skin and it has a wide range of products which suit for different types of skin. One disappointing fact about the brand is that it doesn't have English descriptions on the box so you either have to search for it in advance or just look at the picture and decide what you want. 

I just tried on the first one and I am not too sure about its effect yet. However, it is very moisturizing and it smells great. 

Let's see how it looks like!

I like how the new line packages say what it does to the skin on the box. This Earl Grey Tea & Macaron masks illuminate and clarify the face. Since on of my serums is for illuminating effect, I could use both of them to maximize the effect! teehee =) 

It looks like this when you look at each piece. It has earl grey tea and macaron images :)

When you open it up, it looks the same as the other sheet masks. One different thing from brand sheet masks is that My Beauty Diary masks have a thin plastic sheet attached to the mask. At first, I thought it was such a waste but when I use a mask without a plastic layer, it feels weird haha. 

As you know, you just peel off the plastic layer and put the mask on your face. That's the step you know. What I would like to suggest to you is to put the plastic layer back in to the package and put it in the fridge. 
Then you could use the left over essence the next day! It literally has lots of essence so you could put the left over on the whole face the next day.

Plastic layer back into the package.
I put the mask on for around 20 to 25 minutes. It doesn't fully dry up after 25 minutes so I squeeze the mask on to the hand and put the extra essence on the face. You might say, why don't you just leave it on the face till it fully dries up? But it feels kind of dry to me after 25 minutes so I prefer the squeezing way. 

I like it so far but not as Bulgarian White Rose Mask. I don't know what kind of effects it does to skin, but I could feel the difference right after one use. It gives tons of moisture and brightens up the face. It also feels like it has lifting effect as well but it's only my personal thoughts. 

I LOVE MBD products and I highly recommend you to try it out! 
We need to give lots of love to our skin! =)

Good night :)


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

MAC Haul!!

I went to Metrotown today with my boyfriend, Dave, and did a makeup shopping at MAC.
Only at MAC today =)
The one in the middle without the box is a new one as well but was purchased a few weeks ago in Seattle.
Anyhows, I am going to show you what I got today and write some comments about them.

Fix Plus, Paint Pot (Groundwork), Mega Metal Shadow (Dalliance), Eye Shadow (Beautiful Iris), Lipstick (Please Me)

1. Fix plus

Fix plus really is a great makeup spray for holding your makeup all day long and moisturizing your skin after makeup. You could use it before or after makeup. I prefer to spray it on my foundation brush and sponge. Whenever I need to spray it on my face, I hold it about 30cm away from my face and then spray it. If you hold it too close then it will leave some spray marks on your face like tear dorps. Fix plus gives a lovely, luminous finish to your skin, but you don't want to spray too much since your skin will look too oily all the sudden.

2. Paint pot - Groundwork
I have never used MAC Paint Pot products but I have a feeling that I'm going to fall in love with Paint Pots. It looks very natural on the eyes so you could easily use this as a base shadow.It is creamy but it dries really quick like eye shadow primers. I love the fact that it doesn't crease and it stays on all day long.

3. Eyeshadow refill pan - Beautiful Iris
Left: Dalliance  Right: Beautiful Iris
I finished my Retro Speck (MAC eye shadow), but then ended up getting a full new one instead of a refill pan. Therefore, I got Beautiful Iris to refill my shadow case! It is cool tone of lavender with light shimmer. I saw lots of great reviews on this product saying it goes well with natural, colorful, and also smokey makeup. Since my boyfriend and freinds want to see me adding more colorful colors in my collection, I'm starting with this lovely light purple color shadow!

4. Mega Metal shadow - Dalliance

Metal Shadows are back! MAC had their fist metal shadow colletion in 2007. They have a new collection now called Metal-X. You should go check them out! Dalliance is from Peacocky collection and it is a pale gold with slight greenish undertones. I got this at Seattle Premium Outlet for $15 including tax. Amazing deal right?!! It is very versatile as of you could use this with black shadows for real dark smokeys or taupe to create more natural looks. I think it is somewhat similar to Retro Speck in a way of their color tones. However, Dalliance is much more metallic and heavier looking shadow.

5. Matte Lipstick - Plase me
Plase me is really popular in Korea apparently because of this actress underneath. I'm not sure if you could fully see her lip color but she is wearing Please Me and that is how it got popularized.
Anyways, I wanted to get a pink tone lipstick so I searched lots of reviews and decided to get this!
I personally do not like girly girl colors whether its cosmetics, clothing, or interior design stuffs. But as I made a comment above, my boyfriend want me to try out more bright tone of makeup. Please Me is not bright colorful pink but it gives you a look of pure girl look. One important fact is that you must put lip balm beforehand since it is super matte and chalky.

The last picture of today!

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas presents :)

After the Christmas event at church, we had an exchanging gift time (like a secret santa). 
I got a 2010 purple diary which I really wanted!! yay :) I picked my boyfriend's sister and so did she. It was funny how she was actually planning to get me eye shadow at first, but I ended up getting the one I wanted in Seattle so she had to change her original plan. The second plan was hand lotion but I bought hand cream for her and myself from Crabtree & Evelyn since the deal was really awesome (1 for $22, 2 for $36, and 3 for $44). I got three of them and gave one to my boyfriend's sister. Guess what then? She had to change her plan again hahaha

I never used Crabtree & Evelyn products until yesterday. My skin is really dry so I have to always carry hand cream and lip balm. Also, I am very sensitive about scents too. I'm the type of person who gets headaches with too strong perfumes or any cosmetics. Those two in the picture are my favourites and so as Citron one. This time, I bought two Pomegranate and one Summer Hill. 
If you are in need of hand lotion then I highly recommend you to try Pomegranate one. It smells really nice and its scent stays for a long time; also moisturizes your hands well. 

Oooops the picture is upside down. (Again, can't turn the pictures around uploaded form iphone)

Taadaa! I got a $10 gift card from the church. There was Bible quiz time during the event and the prizes were three gift cards. I got one of the questions correct so I won this prize :) 

That purple diary is what I got from Michelle (my boyfriend's sister). Love it!!! Thanks Michelle!
The last one is a book called Radical. It is a must read book. If you are a Christian, you must read this book. I am not a big fan of reading books except Bible but I love this book. I haven't started yet but I know I'm gonna love it since I heard what it's about it from my sister and friends. 

Taadaaaaaa! Look what I got from my sister. She got this from her co-worker but she doesn't use mascara so she gave them to me! I love Dior's mascaras especially Dior Iconic. 
This Lash Amplifying Duo comes with a primer and a mascara. It is a mini size kit which makes them look even more adorable. I am becoming one of Diorholics.. I love Dior's eye shadows and lipsticks..
Can't wait for their limited Spring 2012 collection...!!!!!

It is going to be a busy day tomorrow so I better wrap it up now!
Hope everyone has a good night =)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

No.3 Light daily smokey look

Today, I'm posting a tutorial about a real natural smokey makeup. As you see more of my posts in the future, you will notice, a lot of the time, I only wear natural daily makeup. Not that I don't wear heavy makeup at all. I cannot wait to post a review on my new Dior lipstick. It is a lovely coral color you could put it on everyday.

Used Products:

Products list (from left to right)

1. Dior Shimmer Powder -  no.2 amber powder
2. Benefit browkit - medium
3. Dior Rouge - Diorama 66
4. Benefit Erase paste -  no.2 medium
5. Vaseline Lip Balm (I placed it in the Body Shop sample case)
6. Missha Perfect Cover BB cream - no.23 natural beige
7. Stilla Naturaleyes eye shadow palette - (used colors: 1. Kitten & Bare 2. Sunset 3. Sandstone)
8. Too Faced Naked eye palette - (used color: Like a Virgin)

Let's start!
My bare face...haha I look really tired without makeup. I cannot remember the days I didn't wear makeup.. How did I go out without makeup in those days? haha

I usually don't get any skin troubles as I mentioned before. But, when I get really tired or do not eat healthy then I get skin troubles spots between my nose and upper lip. I have visible marks which won't go away now :( This is the part where I have to apply a concealer everyday. 
Here, I used Benefit Erase Paste.

Next step is BB cream. I use Missha Perfect Cover BB cream no. 123. (Natural Beige) 
I apply it with a foundation brush after spraying MAC Fix Plus on the brush and I also use a makeup sponge to get rid of brush marks. This BB cream has a better coverage than other BB creams but its unique BB cream scent stays for a long time which I don't favor. 

After concealer and BB cream

1. Apply mix of Bare and Kitten to eye lid as a base shadow.      
2. Apply Sunset on the lash line and under the eye; then blend well.
3. Apply mix of Sandstone and Like a Virgin to crease and blend well.                      

 After the eye shadows

Apply Dior highlighter on T and C zones and also on chin.

Next step is eyeliner and eyebrows.
I use gel eyeliner which lasts long and is waterproof.
Benefit eyebrow kit is really convenient to draw and define your eyebrows. You could use the wax shadow (left one in the kit) for defining your brow shape and then use the regular shadow on the right to fill empty spots.

Next step is lipstick with lip balm.
You could use a lip brush for a lipstick whichever way works better for you. If you find your lipstick too matte then apply lip gloss or lip balm on top of it.

** I forgot to put mascara on. Sorry teehee.

Good night :)